Sunday, October 09, 2005

This weekend...

Alan (all round top bloke and my boss to be next year - above) stayed with us this week as he had some work to do in the indian office. He was only here from tuesday to saturday but it was a good laugh having him around. Alan, suz and myself went to the residency hotel again on friday night for dinner (lovely fish curry) and then went back to ours for a few cheeky drinks. Such a laugh - we all got pretty drunk and played that game where you have someones name on a piece of paper stuck on your head and you have to guess who you are, only asking yes/no questions. Punishment for incorrect guess was shot of vodka. I was chirs moyles (yes! I guessed it and won), Alan was bob marley (didnt get it, took his punishment well) and suz was Steven Hawkins. Hilarity ensued when suz first asked "Have I had a christmas number one?" quickly follwed by "ok have I ever played glastonbury?" - What followed for the next ten minutes were mine and alans impressions of Steven Hawkins singing his christmas number one at glastonbury.

A glance of the watch told us it was half four and with alans taxi picking him up at half six, we pretty much decided it wasnt worth going to bed. So we cranked up the iPod and started air guitaring the shit out of the place.

The next day understandably was a complete wipe out. Hung over and tired.

Today was cool, down to the beach, waves (very strong), sunset, beer, dinner, stop off at supermarket on way home looking like a right tourist and in.

Gotta try and stay up late as there is another night shift looming tommorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi James love the dairy but are you still taking the malarie tablets love the nurse from Abingdon hospital x

October 12, 2005 4:15 AM  
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