Monday, September 26, 2005

First day

First day in the indian office today and it went well. At home the new cook showed up this morning and after the seemingly compulsory custom of shaking my hand and bobbing his head side to side and up and down 72 thousand times - he whipped us up some sort of veggie curry and rice, very nice. After lunch me and suz headed off for work and I finally got to meet everyone after seeing their pictures countless times. The indian office is really nice, but the ambiance is totally different. Not in a bad way, just different. A lot quieter but at the same time alot more social. Everyone is so friendly, offering to help you out with stuff all the time. Not work related stuff, more like "if you are ever stuck here give me a call" or "if you want me to arrange this for you its no problem" - All very welcoming and my immediate team are all great, which is a relief quite frankly.

You'll be pleased to hear that I had my priorities straight. Panic over, I have sorted out some speakers for our corner of the office so we can listen to the radio and anything else we want to whilst working. Well I say anything else WE want to, more like anything else me or neil want to. Neil swapped with me today and did the graveyard shift on my behalf, but we will both be in through the nights for the majority of the week from now on.

The plan for tommorrow daytime? The beach, belly boarding and (more than likely) burning.


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hi james!

thanks for commenting! i've been lazy on the blog lately, (has the novelty worn off?!?) but 'm gonna get back on top of it.

i'll check back on you!

keep it funky,

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