Sunday, September 25, 2005


The journey began at 6am when the cab turned up to take me to Heathrow. It ended about 24 hours later when I walked into the house here in Trivandrum.

First stretch was a 6 and a half hour flight to Abu Dhabi Airport in the UAE which is one of the nicest airports I've ever been to. I managed to get some sleep on the plane over which was good, and it wasnt as bad as I first thought it would be. See pic top right, not taken by me but it shows you what the place looks like after you have got out of the plane and walked down a tunnel - Very nice.

After nearly buying a robot from the electronics store there it was time to move on and catch our next flight onto Muscat. The views flying out of Abu Dhabi, and flying in for that matter, were brilliant. As it was dark, you could just see this huge grid system of lights. It looked like a cross between the computer game sim city and some sort of giant Las Vegas.

From Muscat, we then flew into our final destination, Trivandrum. The flight was half empty, but full of wierd bollywood movies and yet another "airplane curry". Once we had landed, I was dreading the passport check and baggage retreival but we breezed through, with the only snag us waiting for a while for my bag to turn up. After waiting for over ten minutes, I glanced to the right and noticed that someone had taken my bag off the carousell and just left it about 5 meters to the right of it. Umm thanks, I think. One thing I did notice, no one was stressed, no one was in a bad mood and everyone seemed friendly - this is something that appears to be common in South India.

Walking out of the airport - cue the weird adverts, crazy people and the lack of phrase "Health and Safety".

Lovely place though, pics to come.


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