Monday, September 05, 2005

Soil and Pimp Sessions

Me and Nat went to see the soil and pimp sessions play a couple of weeks ago at cargo in london. All I can say is you need to check these guys out, mental japanese jazz - cant beat that to be honest! For a more apt description of the band click here. Also - If you fancy having a look at a video clip of how they look and sound on stage, click here.

This night turned out to be one of the best ever with wave after wave of good luck.

Whilst working out what was the best ticket to buy on the underground, someone walked up to us and offered us not one, but two all zone travel passes for the underground. He didnt want anything for them so me and nat did the only thing we could and accepted them - cheers. Then whilst looking for somewhere to have a 'pre gig drink' we stumbled accross a very busy pub on a street corner in east london, I wish I could remember the name. In this pub, I noticed that they were getting through bottle after bottle of this new brazilian beer, Brahma. Anyway - I asked at the bar if there was a promotion on for it and was told that they were giving them away free as long as we had some sort of special voucher from another place round the corner. Not having any of these vouchers, I politely asked if the barman could 'pretend' that I had some, to which he replied "I dont care, how many do you want?" . So as much free beer as we wanted, were we dreaming? Then onto one of the best nights of music ever, with the legendary Gilles Peterson warming the crowd up with some lovely music, he was also kind enough to take some time out for a little chat with us...which was nice. Then on came soil and pimp and live music will never be the same again, any other gig I go to from now on will have alot to live up to.

Did I mention that we had free drinks vouchers in the club as well? Thanks glenfiddich. We even got a lift home with paul and the hodge. Ta!

I didnt take these pictures myself as we were a bit further back, but the bbc worldwide crew did a good job so I thought I'd share them.


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