Sunday, September 25, 2005


Arrival at the house, wow, the journey in the car was an eye opener (post to come about that) but the house we are living in is very nice.

Had to call Neil to get him up to open the door - By the way, I'm living with work collegues Neil and Suzie. Neil has his own blog of events here. Anyway, had to call Neil as I didnt have a key, but had my first experience of Indian friendliness when the driver wouldnt leave my side until he saw me safely in the house. Now he didnt need to do this, we have two security guards inside the gates that guard our house (known as Happy man and Spider catcher), and the people round here are very nice so I was in no danger at all. But I could tell that he could tell that this was my first day in this strange place and he wanted to make sure I was ok. He must have shook my hand and nodded his head at me about 3 million times before he left as well. What a nice bloke (by the way, I've been saying "what a nice bloke" an awful lot so far).

Anyway - so - got in the house, had the tour then began to unpack.

Disaster strikes.

Funny - I dont know why I packed this hoodie in my hand luggage....I guess I'll just pull it straight out and throw it onto the hard, tiled floor - not like my new camera is wrapped up in it for protection or anything...

Whats that large cracking sound I hear you ask, oh yeah, thats my camera obviously.

Ok so its not broken, but it is damaged. I'm gonna try and get it repaired on warranty. If you are interested, I think I have damaged the lens in someway, it doesnt autofocus as well and the view through the viewfinder is slightly more to the right than what you get in the final result but its still ok to use, just annoying it isnt in tip top condidtion from my own clumsy fault.

So after unpacking, saying my hellos and having a nap, I didnt have the luxury of staying the night in this house just yet, we were going to Kovalum and thats where the fun of this weekend really began....


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