Sunday, October 09, 2005

In the flow...

This week has completly flown by.

As I've been covering for neil in his absence I've been working 10:45pm till 6am and to say that it has "messed with my body clock a little bit" is an understatement. It hasnt been too bad though - plus the weather has been a little cloudy this week anyway so there would have been a deffo lack of beach action this week even if I wasnt fast asleep (or trying to sleep you pesky gardener).

Its strange, it appears that the two week barrier that I have just broken makes things that I would have been astonished or amazed at only a week or so ago look normal.

Example -

Driving home the other morning from work, about 6.20am. The streets are bustling, the markets are full and all the shabby shops appear to have been open for hours already. The traffic is already building up and driving mentalists, power walkers and stray dogs crowd the streets. For the first week or so I just gawped out of the window and was amazed at all the colours (shops, clothes, food) that were on view. Now it just rolls past. Just as we are about to pull in to our street I glance over to the left and spot two guys playing badminton. Nothing abnormal about that I hear you say... Well, bare in mind this was 6.20am. Also bare in mind that these two men (mid/late 40s) were playing badminton on a petrol station forecort. Yep, just thought they would crack out the raquets and have a few games. At 6.20am. Fully clothed (no sportswear). In and amoungst the people driving their cars in and out and filling up with petrol. Imagine if you or I decided to do that at the local Esso.

A couple of weeks ago I would have laughed, pointed or even told everyone about it the next day but no. I just accepted it as a normal thing to see. I mean, why wouldnt you want to play badminton on a petrol station forecort? Good as place as any lets face it.

I think this demonstrates something though. I think the longer you stay here, the longer you accept the way these people live. Its not seen as weird, its not seen as foreign, its just the way things go down in this part of the world.


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