Wednesday, September 28, 2005

High tea with the lads from Punjab

After lunch today me and neil went down to the beach for a bit of body boarding. Looked for our guy sheeba or sheevba or sheevbrah or she-ra or was it even (alan) shearer? Anyway it didnt matter cause he saw us coming up the beach and ran up to us shouting "Neil!, James!, my brothers!"

He's the guy we rent our boards from anyway, and he also keeps an eye on our stuff whilst we are in the sea. And he gives us pillows to rest our heads on. And he gives us an umbrella if we want shade. And he has invited us back to his mums house to sample her prawn curry.

Anyway after our first hour or so in the sea we decided to rest a bit in the sun and whilst there neil trotted off to by a t shirt and get us a couple of drinks. Meanwhile my rest on the beach was disturbed by the statement:

"Hey - you american?"

I turned to find my self laying right next to a group of about 7 blokes all chatting and laughing amoungst themselves. Most of them in shirts and trousers, but one or two also going for the simple white 'y' front combo with nothing else. Anyway I got chatting to this guy who'd asked me if I was american and after informing him I was english we got on pretty well! He was a funny guy and he told me they were all from the punjab which is up north india. He got the train for 52 hours to get to kovalum for a bit of a holiday.

He kept asking me:

"You like indian girl?"

I was like:

"Umm well,"

Then, pointing at an indian girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF US

"You like her? She good or bad?"


"What do you think"

And this conversation went back and forth until a guy came round selling tea. Now, here is a challenge, you try saying "No, I dont want a cup of tea" to a bunch of blokes from the punjab. I've discovered it is impossible, they simply failed to acknowledge the fact that I didnt want a cup of horrible looking tea from a stange bloke on the beach.

One cup of tea later, I said my thank yous and shook my hands goodbye and went back in the sea, hoping I wouldnt be made ill by the tea.

The waves were amazing today, massive. As the sun came down me and neil went to a bar that overlooks the beach and has views of a really nice sunset. We ate the best king prawn curry ever created and had a drink watching the sun go down - after which it was time to head off to work. If most days are going to be like this I really dont think we are going to mind working nights too much.

Picture credit of the above goes to neil this time, as usual click for an enlarged.


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