Sunday, November 20, 2005

Up on the roof...

This last week has seen the return of the sun, the return of the toilet flush and even the return of the jedi.

At last the problems we have been having with the house were sorted, and they seem to have (touch wood) stayed sorted. Although having the TV back was a welcome addition, it inevitabely means the guitar practice has suffered as we have been playing the PS2 and watching DVDs (hence the jedi) far too much.

It was another tiring week at work, but as me and neil are in together most nights we can have a bit of a laugh and it doesnt drag on quite so much. We managed to get down the beach a couple of times and with the sun shining I feel alot better. We have been trying to sort out some plans for the remainder of our time here - so as we only have three weekends left, we have got something sorted for two of them. The'll be more 'blogger fodder' to come from the southern tip of india and ponmudi.

Friday night we went out for dinner on the residency rooftop restaurant then returned home to our own roof and began the nights drinking. Drink was drank, very bad jokes were told and stupid songs were sang. The nights drinking became the morning and we watched the sunrise. It was all very hazy, I'm not sure if that was the beer/bacardi/vodka or the weather. In any case it was nice, and as it was already morning we didnt see the point in going to bed. Instead we got a cab straight down to the beach which seemed like an excellent idea at the time...


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